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The works in this archive are due to the wonderful talent of Bob Ito, who can be reached at <ito@[...]> Bob really puts a lot of effort into his drawings, so please feel free to drop him a line with your input--he'd really appreciate it!

This archive is maintained by Larry Gensch. To get on the mailing lists for distribution of the images as they are made avaiable, send email to him at <lar3ry@[...]> Offer void where prohibited by law.

[chnguard.gif] (550x550x2, 8948 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[ Text by lar3ry gensch ]

"The Changing of the Guard" (chnguard.gif, 550x550x2, 8948 bytes) is a special Disny fanart drawing by Bob Ito <ito@[...]>, and as such is not part of his "Ito Galleries, Inc." series.

One of the reasons that I am maintaining the Ito Galleries, Ink collection of images is that my predecessor, Amberle Ferrian, has lost her net access and handed the responsibility of scanning and distributing these lovely images to me.

Bob Ito shows us his feelings about her leaving in the poignancy of this image.

[toilet.gif] (776x545x2, 12922 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[ Text by lar3ry gensch ]


The article accompanying this description, when decoded, will produce a GIF file of artwork depicting cartoon characters lacking some articles of clothing and in a pose which some people may consider to be inappropriate or even offensive. It is NOT recommended for viewing by young children. If, after reading this description, you feel you may be offended by the contents of this graphics file, please do not decode and/or view the resulting image.
In Bob's own words:
[This is] a picture of Belle, which is a spoof of the following painting, Diego Valezquez's "Venus at her Mirror" (aka "The Toilet of Venus" and "The Rokeby Venus"). I actually got the idea from Ward Kimball's "Art Afterpieces," where he had his own version of Velazquez's painting (and a number of others), and it was too good to pass up. :-)

For the benefit of the visitors to the Ito Galleries, Ink archive on the World Wide Web, I have included a JPEG of the original work. [inkhead.gif] (776x545x2, 12922 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

"Ito Galleries, Ink Logo" (inkhead.gif, 640x406x2, 5856 bytes) is another of Bob Ito's <ito@[...]> fine Disney fanart drawings. However, it is not part of the "Ito Galleries, Ink." series of drawings, mainly because it doesn't quite manage to fit in with the series.

Earlier, Bob brought you two Belle drawings he used as letterheads (itoltrh1.gif and itoltrh2.gif, which are available from the Ito Galleries, Ink. website. Now, he brings you a brand new logo for the Ito Galleries, Ink. webpage, with his favorite character, Belle, looking over his work!

[bookmark.gif] Ito Galleries # (, bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

"A Belle Bookmark" (bookmark.gif, 237x741x2, 5890 bytes) is a special Disney fanart drawing by Bob Ito <ito@[...]> and as such is not part of his "Ito Galleries, Inc." series, but rather as the ninth entry in his "Miscellaneous" series.

Those of you familiar with Bob's artwork knows that he also likes to get as much utilitarian value out of them as possible. For instance, some of his artwork is been used for his annual set of Christmas, birthday, and Valentine cards making up the so-called "Bucketland Cards" collection, and the letterheads for his snail mail correspondence, as well as this own collection's logo. This image of the studious Belle follows in this tradition and comes from (how appropriate) a bookmark!

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