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The works in this archive are due to the wonderful talent of Bob Ito, who can be reached at <ito@[...]> Bob really puts a lot of effort into his drawings, so please feel free to drop him a line with your input--he'd really appreciate it!

This archive is maintained by Larry Gensch. To get on the mailing lists for distribution of the images as they are made avaiable, send email to him at <lar3ry@[...]> Offer void where prohibited by law.

[cbatbch.gif] (457x595x43, 16160 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

This is a colored version of Bob Ito's Disney fanart drawing "Beauty and the Beach", posted in April 1994. Special thanks to lar3ry gensch <lar3ry@[...]>, who did the electronic painting, and outfitted Beast with leopard-skin Speedos in this version. ;-)

Refer to Ito Galleries #016 for the original work and text.

[belfatle.gif] (408x765x2, 10816 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[Text by Amberle Ferrian and Bob Ito]

"Belle Fatale" (belfatle.gif, 408x765x2, 10655 bytes) is another fanart drawing by Bob Ito <ito@[...]>.

This picture is NOT part of the regular "Ito Galleries, Inc." series created for the readers of the rec.arts.disney newsgroup, and recipients of this picture are asked not to repost or distribute this particular picture either by BBS or anonymous FTP.

==================== WARNING - PLEASE READ THIS FIRST ====================
The article accompanying this description, when decoded, will produce a GIF file of artwork depicting cartoon characters lacking some articles of clothing and in a pose which some people may consider to be inappropriate or even offensive. It is NOT recommended for viewing by young children. If, after reading this description, you feel you may be offended by the contents of this graphics file, please do not decode and/or view the resulting image.

And now, we switch over to Bob himself for the description. Bob?

Thanks, Amberle. Don't bucket me while I'm talking, okay? :-)

Some of you may wonder where I get ideas for drawings. Sometimes I'll see an image that really lends itself to a parody - for example, the Mona Lisa, or J. W. Waterhouse's painting "A Mermaid." Well, a while back I saw a magazine cover (Femme Fatales, Winter 1994) which is itself a parody of several recent magazine covers that share a similar pose (the latest of these was a well-known publication with Reagan daughter Patti Davis on the cover, and a similar cover of Janet Jackson on "Rolling Stone" was just posted to Anyways, when I saw that FF cover, it seemed obvious to substitute a couple of characters from a certain animated feature, and the result is this drawing. And, if "Rolling Toon" magazine ever gets off the ground, here's the cover for the first issue :-).

(BTW, I did see the cover of the July issue of Esquire, but I'm not planning on doing a parody of that cover. I pointed that out to Amberle, and got a massive bucketing for my pains. :-))

[itoltrh1.gif] (694x766x2, 12318 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

"Bob's Belle Letterhead 1" (itoltrh1.gif, 694x766x2, 11979 bytes) is another of Bob Ito's <ito@[...]> fine Disney fanart drawings. However, it is not part of the "Ito Galleries, Inc." series of drawings, mainly because it doesn't quite manage to fit in with the series.

Those of you familiar with Bob's creations have probably already figured out that Belle is by far and away his favorite Disney character. Especially as she appears in 19 of the 26 "Ito Galleries, Inc." series drawings to date. Well, Bob also enjoys making his own stationery. And whenever a new shipment of Bob's creations shows up, there will be a note by Belle "from the desk of Bob Ito", telling me what's up. I've always thought that these were some of his best drawings, so here's Belle peeking out from behind her book to tell you what Bob has to say now!

[itoltrh2.gif] (1019x444x2, 9369 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

"Bob's Belle Letterhead 2" (itoltrh2.gif, 1019x444x2, 9292 bytes) is another of Bob Ito's <ito@[...]> fine Disney fanart drawings. However, it is not part of the "Ito Galleries, Inc." series of drawings, mainly because it doesn't quite manage to fit in with the series.

This is the newest of Bob's handmade stationery letterheads, again depicting Belle, his favorite Disney character. This time, she's made herself much more comfortable in her reading pursuits.

[comemama.gif] (770x764x2, 17156 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

"Beast, Come to Mama!" (comemama.gif, 770x764x2, 16856 bytes) is a special Disney fanart drawing drawing from Bob Ito <ito@[...]>, and as such is not part of his "Ito Galleries, Inc." series.

This is a whimsical sketch of what Belle and Beast might be doing after the scene depicted in "Belle's Birthday Surprise #2" (belbday2.gif), with Belle chasing her "present" all over the castle. ;-) It's a pencil sketch, so if it looks rough, well, that's because it's supposed to be that way. :-) Bob takes these pencil sketches and transfers them to ink on bristol board for the originals, which are then photocopied, which in turn are mailed and scanned.

[best-dnd.gif] (770x764x2, 17156 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[Text by lar3ry gensch]

"Best of DIS' 'n' DAT" (best-dnd.gif, 645x716x2, 12875 bytes) is a special Disny fanart drawing by Bob Ito <ito@[...]>, and as such is not part of his "Ito Galleries, Inc." series.

Bob submitted this picture to the editor of the newsletter DIS' 'n' DAT as part of its September/October, 1995 issue, where it was printed under the title The Newsletter Bookworm. It is collected here for completness' sake.

The image presented here is answers question most often asked of the editor of the newsletter: "Who reads DIS' 'n' DAT, anyway?" Bob supplied this to show that at least somebody reads the newsletter (and even seems to enjoy it).

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