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The works in this archive are due to the wonderful talent of Bob Ito, who can be reached at <ito@[...]> Bob really puts a lot of effort into his drawings, so please feel free to drop him a line with your input--he'd really appreciate it!

This archive is maintained by Larry Gensch. To get on the mailing lists for distribution of the images as they are made avaiable, send email to him at <lar3ry@[...]> Offer void where prohibited by law.

[bellefdc.gif] Ito Galleries #001 (248x477x2, 4390 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

As those of you who have followed rec.arts.disney for a while may be aware, one of the running gags of this newsgroup has been the ongoing Water Wars, originated by Future Disney Cabinet (FDC) Head Keeper of the Bucket of Water Tim Pickett (quetzal@[...]) and myself, the FDC walkaround Belle, in which some net.residents nail each other with (virtual) buckets of water and SuperSoaker water guns for real or imagined slights or for no reason at all. Well, Bob Ito (ito@[...]) got inspired by all this MADNESS (Mutually Assured Drenching Negotiated Entirely by Super Soakers) and sent me a drawing he made of Belle armed with a pair of SuperSoaker guns which brought gales of laughter from myself and everyone I've shown it to. So with his ok, here it is.

bellefdc.gif is a 248x477 scan of a line drawing by Bob Ito (ito@[...]) of Belle, from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, armed with a pair of SuperSoaker 50 water rifles, twice actual size. Enjoy!

[bellemer.gif] Ito Galleries #002 (640x406x2, 5494 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

For all you mermaid finatics (sic) out there. This is a scan of a line drawing by Bob Ito (ito@[...]) of Belle, from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, as a mermaid. Enjoy!

[arielbik.gif] Ito Galleries #003 (428x476x2, 6394 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

Here is the third in a continuing (we hope!) series of fine Disney fanart drawings by Bob Ito (ito@[...]).

arielbik.gif, entitled "Ariel in bikini, or Cold Showers for Tim Pickett the Mermaid Finatic" (sic :-), is a scan of a line drawing of Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, wearing sitting on a rock in the ocean and wearing part of a new bikini she's found, and admiring the other half (the one she can't wear :-), while Sebastian looks on in dismay. Enjoy!

[aribelle.gif] Ito Galleries #004 (435x479x2, 8005 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

Here's the fourth in a series of fine Disney fanart drawings by Bob Ito (ito@[...]).

aribelle.gif, entitled "Ariel and Belle dressing up, or Cold Showers for Tim Pickett Part Deux" (remember Tim, you asked for this one! :-) is a 434x478 line drawing scan depicting Ariel (The Little Mermaid) and Belle (Beauty and the Beast) dressing up in their fancy dresses (the dinner dress for Ariel and the winter dress for Belle). Belle is holding up her magic mirror for Ariel, who's combing her hair with her dinglehopper. Perhaps they're getting decked out to go for a night on the town with Eric and the Beast (what was his name, anyway?). They could even be theme-park walkarounds getting ready for their rounds, except for the obvious lack of SuperSoakers, buckets, umbrellas, and other such aquatic armament. (An inside running gag on r.a.d. Sorry, couldn't resist. :-)

[monabelle.gif] Ito Galleries #005 (395x476x2, 6538 bytes) [GIF] [Desc]

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

Fifth in a series of fine Disney fanart drawings by Bob Ito (ito@[...]).

For nearly half a millenium, she has mystified and fascinated millions. Her visage provokes instant recognition the world over, and her fame through the centuries has grown to cultish proportions. But who was she? Was she the wife of a noble of the time? A relative? Perhaps even a concubine? Or was Leonardo Da Vinci himself the model for the Mona Lisa? Bob Ito offers a new theory on the identity of the unknown model which could very well be the answer to it all...

...but probably isn't. :-)

monabelle.gif, entitled "Mona Belle," is what the Mona Lisa might be like if Belle, from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, had been around in the early 16th century to pose for Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece. However, in an act of compassion, Bob did allow her to keep her eyebrows. :-) Could this be Bob's own masterpiece? You be the judge, and let him know, 'kay? :-) Enjoy!

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