AmberThree Productions

What is AmberThree Productions?

AmberThree Productions is an ongoing collaboaration between Charles Wong and Larry Gensch. This collaboration started in 1993 with the publication of the newsletter DIS' 'n' DAT. This newsletter was a humorous look at the Disney corporation and the rec.arts.disney newsgroup.

Since that time, we have extended into other projects, including the collection and archiving of cartoonist Bob Ito's drawings (known as the Ito Galleries, Ink). Our most recent project is the EntertainMUCK project, which was started in 1995 and had its grand opening in April, 1996. EMuck is an online real-time internet hangout "where YOU are the Star."

Scooter, Plush
Beast, and lar3ry Amberthree's Founders

This picture shows Amberthree's Founders. Charles ("Scooter") Wong, is on the left carrying the Amberthree mascot Plush Beast (aka "Babe Magnet"). Larry ("lar3ry") Gensch stands on the right.

The picture above was taken on 14 June 1998 and during the celebration of lar3ry's daughter's birthday party.

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