The Toilet of Belle

[Text by lar3ry gensch]

"The Toilet of Belle" (toilet.gif, 776x545x2, 12922 bytes) is another fanart drawing by Bob Ito <ito@[...]>. This picture is NOT part of the regular "Ito Galleries, Ink" series created for the readers of the rec.arts.disney newsgroup.

==================== WARNING - PLEASE READ THIS FIRST ====================
The article accompanying this description, when decoded, will produce a GIF file of artwork depicting cartoon characters lacking some articles of clothing and in a pose which some people may consider to be inappropriate or even offensive. It is NOT recommended for viewing by young children. If, after reading this description, you feel you may be offended by the contents of this graphics file, please do not decode and/or view the resulting image.

In Bob's own words:

    [This is] a picture of Belle, which is a spoof of the following
    painting, Diego Valezquez's "Venus at her Mirror" (aka "The Toilet
    of Venus" and "The Rokeby Venus").  I actually got the idea from
    Ward Kimball's "Art Afterpieces," where he had his own version of
    Velazquez's painting (and a number of others), and it was too good
    to pass up.  :-)

For the benefit of the visitors to the Ito Galleries, Ink archive on the World Wide Web, I have included a JPEG of the original work, located at the address I have no intention of making this available outside the web-site.

[ toilet.gif ]