Bob's Belle Letterhead 1

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

"Bob's Belle Letterhead 1" (itoltrh1.gif, 694x766x2, 12318 bytes) is another of Bob Ito's <ito@[...]> fine Disney fanart drawings. However, it is not part of the "Ito Galleries, Inc." series of drawings, mainly because it doesn't quite manage to fit in with the series.

Those of you familiar with Bob's creations have probably already figured out that Belle is by far and away his favorite Disney character. Especially as she appears in 19 of the 26 "Ito Galleries, Inc." series drawings to date. Well, Bob also enjoys making his own stationery. And whenever a new shipment of Bob's creations shows up, there will be a note by Belle "from the desk of Bob Ito", telling me what's up. I've always thought that these were some of his best drawings, so here's Belle peeking out from behind her book to tell you what Bob has to say now!

[ itoltrh1.gif ]