Eilonwy's Misery

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

"Eilonwy's Misery" (eilonduy.gif, 1022x767x2, 26714 bytes) is the 35th in a continuing series of fine Disney fanart drawings by Bob Ito <ito@[...]> and the 14th in the so-called "Bucketland Cards" series of handmade greeting cards, "when you're too cheap to buy a card." :-)

Poor Eilonwy. She was one of the stars of Disney's long-lost film, THE BLACK CAULDRON, but she never got the recognition of her more famous Disney heroine sisters, due to the movie's miserable stay on the silver screen. And even worse, after that fiasco was over, she found herself stuck in some place called Rolla, Misery, with only a furiously busy amateur cel artist, David Uy the Bucketeer, as company. Life wasn't all bad, though. David was a nice guy, and Eilonwy got herself a decent job with "Uy Animation Art Studios" assisting him with cel painting. Even better, once a year she gets to feast on the rum cake he gets for his birthday! Now, if only his studio was a bit neater, so she could FIND the rumcake...

This was a handmade birthday card, drawn by Bob Ito, signed by himself, Amberle Ferrian, and the balance of the FDC Bucketeers--David Cuthbert and Jeff Wilson--and given to the FDC Eilonwy, David Uy <daviduy@[...]>, in honor of his talents in creating and sharing his own handmade animation art with us on the net. The image is divided into several sections:

left:  front of card
right: inside right of card
inset: back of card, with Bucketland Cards slogan

As with all other Bucketland Cards, all personal messages and addresses have been deleted from the image.

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