Belle Drawing the Itoraptor

[Text by lar3ry gensch]

"Belle Drawing the Itoraptor" (belleito.gif, 743x500x2, 11279 bytes) is the fifty-first in a continuing series of fine Disney fanart drawings by Bob Ito <ito@[...]>. You may wish to save this description in a separate file for future reference.

I'm very partial of pictures that combine self portrait and fantasy... the famous picture of Walt Disney casting a shadow of Mickey Mouse... Norman Rockwell painting a picture of Norman Rockwell painting a picture (etc.)... Chuck Jones' seminal cartoon "Duck Amuck"... and yet another picture of Walt Disney, looking in a mirror, and painting Mickey Mouse. So I was particularly delighted when this image arrived in the mail from the man for whom the Ito Galleries is named.

Associating with a lot of FDC members, most of whom are of college age, people like Bob Ito and myself, being "over thirty" tend to occasionally feel rather ancient. Bob took on the name Itoraptor to indicate a person of such an "advanced age." In this drawing, we see one of Bob's favorite Disney characters, the inimitable Belle, sitting at an artists board and drawing the Itoraptor.

[Maintainer's note: I have seen a picture of Bob Ito, most recently in a video of him drawing one of the cartoons in the Ito Galleries collection, and I can assure you that despite Belle's drawing abilities, he does not look that that at all. In fact, I can PROMISE you that Bob does not use a cane...]

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