Belle a Bill!

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

"Belle a Bill!" (bellebll.gif, 391x595x2, 6456 bytes) is the thirteenth in a continuing series of fine Disney fanart drawings by Bob Ito <ito@[...]>.

This is sort of a sequel drawing, if drawings could have sequels like movies. :-) One of Bob's earlier drawings, "Belle at Bat" (bellebat.gif) was inspired by a whimsical "news flash" post to rec.arts.disney that Bob wrote about Belle getting drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers professional baseball team. Jeff Wilson <jdwilson@[...]> wrote a followup "scoop" claiming that Belle subsequently deserted the Dodgers to play American-rules football for the NFL's Buffalo Bills. Bob is not one to let a good idea go unexploited, so here's Disney's heroine showing what she can do on the gridiron. :-)

Now, these "news" articles and drawings may answer questions about Belle's career now that she's done with BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, but they raise some questions of their own:

--Why is Belle wearing jersey # 99 if she's a place-kicker?

--Where is her protective gear? Or does she expect the Beast in the defensive line, so she wouldn't need any? (Hey, he can turn Walter "The Refrigerator" Payton into an ice cube tray in no time flat!)

And, most important of all:

--Why in the world would she choose to play for the team that's LOST FOUR SUPER BOWLS IN A ROW?!? (Heck, the Bills *need* Beast in their defensive line! :-)

[ bellebll.gif ]