Belle at the Bat

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

"Belle at the Bat" (bellebat.gif, 231x476x2, 3964 bytes) is the eighth in a series of fine Disney fanart line drawings by Bob Ito <ito@[...]>.


Here's a dime, kid. Thanks...say, haven't I seen you someplace before?

"That's right, ma'am! I was an extra on _Newsies_!"

<blank stare> "You know, the latest Disney live-action musical? About a bunch of orphans winning a newspaper strike? Based on a true story?"

Oh, I remember. How'd it do?

"Well, lady, if it made any money, do you think I'd still be hawking newspapers on the street? Just read yours! EXTRA EXTRA...."

Lousy reprobate!....<opening paper>

~Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney
~From: ito@[...] (Robert Ito)
~Subject: Belle drafted by the Dodgers!
Message-ID: <CJs91G.Eus@[...]>
~Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 16:41:39 GMT

LOS ANGELES - In a surprising development in the amateur draft, the Los
Angeles Dodgers selected the first woman ever, Belle, best known for
her role in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast".  When asked about their
groundbreaking choice, the Dodgers' general manager said, "Hey, if she
can swing a tree branch hard enough to send a wolf flying, we figure
she has home run power.  And from that snowball scene, it looks like
she has a pretty accurate arm.  We're going to try her at shortstop in
spring training."  The Walt Disney Company said they would arrange a
leave of absence for Belle, and wished her well in her new career.

[ bellebat.gif ]

Photo caption: Belle from Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST takes a swing at the plate. Penny Marshall obviously missed someone casting A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN.