Belle's Birthday Surprise #3

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

"Belle's Birthday Surprise #3" (belbday3.gif, 1021x675x2, 36227 bytes) is the 44th in a continuing series of fine Disney fanart drawings by Bob Ito <ito@[...]> and the 19th in the so-called "Bucketland Cards" series of handmade greeting cards, "when you're too cheap to buy a card." :-)

What happens when you get 22 Disney characters together in Beast's Castle? Two things: a GREAT surprise birthday party for Belle, and a really sore wrist for the poor Itoraptor artist who was to draw them all!

This is a handmade birthday card draw by Bob Ito for the birthday of Amberle Ferrian, the FDC walkaround Belle. It, and its two companion cards, spent three months traveling around the world to various rec.arts.disney readers and FDC members to be signed. Overall, about 40 of 88 netters who participated in this little project of Bob's :) got this card.

The card made a stop at February's Disneyana convention at Disneyland with the FDC Mickey and Minnie, Rich and Carol Koster, and was signed by numerous walkaround characters, Disney luminaries such as animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas (who commented that Bob's drawings were exceptionally well done--very high praise!), animators Bill Justice and Carl Barks, actors Fess "Davy Crockett" Parker and Virginia Davis.

The image itself is divided into several sections:

 left:   front of card
 right:  inside of card
 inset:  back of card with "Bucketland Cards" logo

As with all Bucketland cards, all personal messages have been deleted from the image.

And, getting out of third-person talk for a bit :-), I'd like to give another heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this project. You helped make this birthday of mine one of the best ever.

[ belbday3.gif ]