A Beauty and the Beast Valentine

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

"A Beauty and the Beast Valentine" (bbvalent.gif, 614x474x2, 9129 bytes) is the eleventh in a continuing series of fine Disney fanart drawings by Bob Ito <ito@[...]>.

If you frequent the newsgroup rec.arts.disney, you're most likely aware of the internecine Water Wars, an ongoing net.joke there in which netters dump vast virtual quantities of water onto each other in response to insults and flames real or imagined. Or, more frequently, for no reason at all. :-) As the Future Disney Cabinet (FDC, another ongoing r.a.d net.tradition) walkaround Belle, I'm a prime instigator and target of many such attacks, so much so that I never "start" my walkaround "rounds" without my trusty SuperSoaker water rifle and my (less-than-)trusty Bucketeer Bodyguard Brigade. :-) So what happens when a certain (FDC) Belle's Beast forgets about Valentine's Day?....:-)

This image depicts Belle, of Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, "reminding" Beast of Valentine's Day literally at gunpoint. :-) This is actually a Valentine's Day card drawn by Bob and signed by the four Bucketeer Bodyguards: Bob, David Cuthbert, David Uy, and Jeff Wilson. I've scanned both the front and back covers and the inside "greetings" in hopes that you'll get as big a laugh out of it as the five of us did. :-) All personal messages have been deleted; you don't need to see that. ;-)

And before anyone gets any ideas, No, there is nothing going on between myself and any of the guys here. After all, the FDC has better things to do besides filming the sequel to "The Bodyguard", no? :-)

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