Ariel On the Mound

[Text by Amberle Ferrian]

"Ariel On the Mound" (arimound.gif, 643x765x2, 9616 bytes) is the twenty- first in a continuing series of fine Disney fanart drawings by Bob Ito <ito@[...]>.

Well, the Major League All-Star baseball game is coming up soon. But this year, with the threat of a player's strike afterwards, there's a pall hanging over America's favorite pastime. Not to worry, though. With the Disney Company diversifying into major professional sports (as shown by their purchase of the NHL Anaheim Mighty Ducks), it's entirely possible that the Mouse might take up the slack and introduce its own lineups into the game. (Hey! It could happen! ;-) But where would they find players if everyone's on strike?

Enter Steve Liu <admiral@[...]>, rec.arts.disney regular and Disney fantasy baseball fan extraordinare. Steve has put together his own Disney All-Star team, with Ariel as his starting pitcher. Now, the reasons for this aren't exactly clear; after all, Belle has pitched a couple of mean snowballs herself in her career, as we saw in her movie. Except Steve has her behind Ariel in his lineup. But that doesn't really matter. If Ariel's fastball is anything like what we see here, then she may very well fill the void left by a players' strike!

(Interestingly enough, Belle was second string in Bob's picture too. Bob initially did a pencil sketch of Belle in the same pose, but decided that he should draw someone else for a change, and changed characters when it came time for the pen-and-ink drawing you see here.)

[ arimound.gif ]