Aladdin's Birthday Surprise for Jasmine

[Text by lar3ry gensch]

"Aladdin's Birthday Surprise for Jasmine" (aljasbd.gif, 1019x753x2, 19465 bytes), is the 45th in a continuing series of fine Disney fanart drawing by Bob Ito <ito@[...]>, and the 20th in the so-called "Bucketland Cards" series of handmade greetings, "when you are too cheap to buy a card."

The ole Magic Carpet give his "tassles up" in a knowing gesture as Aladdin presents a birthday gift to Jasmine while soaring "through an endless diamond sky."

This is a handmade birthday card for Sherline Lee <sherline@[...]> the Future Disney Cabinet (FDC) Walkaround Jasmine and future Head of Clean-up Animation, and was signed by Bob, two other FDC Bucketeers (Jeff Wilson, and David Uy), and Amberle Ferrian, Steven and Vi Pagano, and Heather Urtheil.

Sherline's response to the card, upon receiving it, was "As usual, Bucketland Cards never ceases to amaze and delight those who are lucky enough to receive one." Sherline never did reveal what was in the present that Aladdin actually gave her in the card, though.

As with all other Bucketland Cards, all personal messages and addresses have been deleted from the image, which is posted with the recipient's permission. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Sherline!

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