DIS' 'n' DAT

"All Disney news fitted to print"
Volume 2 Number 12 ----- December 94 Edition

Editorial - Hello, I Must Be Going...

This issue has been one of the hardest issues for me to put together. The newsletter has turned a corner with this issue, as the entire issue is about and by members of the FDC. This is one of my biggest dreams come true - I had been working to get this newsletter to the point where people would want to contribute to it.

This newsletter started out as an April Fools joke that I sprang upon a personal friend last year. That person had reminded me a few weeks before about how I used to do a sort of running commentary on the state of the world when watching or listening to the news, and how that person had missed it. i had seen numerous usenet "publications" in the past, so i took one of our common interests, Disney, and wrote a "newsletter" about the various things that were going on. After a bid of struggling to come up with a name, I had settled upon two contenders, and then decided to scratch one of them, which was "Dissin' Disney."

After writing that issue, I uploaded it to rec.arts.disney (r.a.d.), thinking that it would be the apropos thing to do. I got back some feedback, and decided to do a sequel and a real newsletter was born.

Through the first year of publication, the newsletter was more or less a one man show. From the pure Disney focus of the first issues, the newsletter eventually also trained its sights on the newsgroup in general, and then to the Future Disney Cabinet (FDC). Amberle Ferrian came along, first to help edit a few of my song parodies, and later as the final proofreader of and occasional contributor to the newsletter, and through her, the quality of the writing dramatically improved.

Starting with the first anniversary issue, I decided that I would like to get more reader input into the newsletter. I started the "FDC Column" and had FDC members send me bios, accounts of their Net*Togethers, and managed to get quite a few more unsolicited articles.

Other events have happened recently as well. Recently the FDC has all but disappeared from r.a.d.

Alas, since last summer, my time available for the newsletter has been reduced due to increasing demands of my real life job (I do a lot of travelling and cannot always connect to the Usenet), a family that requires attention, and other things that have come up recently. The upshot is that I'm now spending less time with the newsletter than what it deserves. The last three or so issues of DIS' 'n' DAT have been published late, and this current issue is extremely late.

It is with deepest regret that I must now announce that I am planning on putting the newsletter on hiatus for a period of at least two months. In this time, I will still be accepting contributions, and may even be writing some articles of my own. I have been talking with numerous people about the future of this newsletter, and it is pretty apparent that nobody, including myself, wants it to die.

People that wish to get in contact with me, may do so at my email address lar3ry@mv.mv.com, or you may find me on FDCMuck as the player "lar3ry." I want to thank you all for supporting the newsletter in the past, and making the last couple of years a very happy one for me.

(void) lar3ry("editor, writer, cynic, and curmudgeon");

FDC Column

The Future Disney Cabinet (FDC) is a group of people on rec.arts.disney (r.a.d.) that have dreams of working for the Disney company in some capacity or another. The FDC was founded to allow such people an opportunity to pretend that they work for the company that gave us Cabin Boy, the food court at the Land Pavilion, and Fantasmic. In recent months, most FDC applicants are character walk-arounds, an FDC occupation started by DIS' 'n' DAT's own contributing editor. These walk-arounds assume the role of their character quite literally in correspondence on r.a.d. Recently, a multi-user interactive place called FDCMuck has been set up for the express purpose of allowing the FDC to express themselves in the way that they wish. DIS' 'n' DAT has selected two members of FDCMuck and asked them to describe who they are, how they came to r.a.d. and the FDC. Their responses, slightly edited, follows.
Christine Moeser <recarts2@gate.net>
Christine Moeser has been known to be called the Witchywiz on FDCMuck for her portrayal of the FDC Shock [From the character Shock in _Nightmare Before Christmas_ - Ed.] but like so many other Disney characters do not be deceived by appearances... inside is a deep soul full of caring and love.

Christine has loved Disney from the day she first saw _101 Dalmatians_ at age two. It has been her favorite movie ever since. "Everything falls short of Dalmatians... until..." she says. However, don't get her talking about _The Nightmare Before Christmas_, or you'll never hear the end of why she thinks it is brilliant or why she is in love with Danny Elfman. Displayed on the wall in her parent's home in Virginia are multiple pictures of Christine and her sister sitting in front of the Adventureland sign at the Magic Kingdom ranging from ages three up to twenty-two, and with her work now with that very same company.

Although her first posting was not until November 1994, Christine has been a lurker on r.a.d. for six months and quite enjoys its appeal. You most often can find her in the wake of her co-worker and best friend Margaret Gerberi, the FDC Tinker Bell. Christine says, "Being a nocturnal night owl at the Front Desk at Disney's Grand Floridian Beach Resort front desk is great," but she has worked many locations at WDW including the Coral Reef restaurant and the afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian resort. Her most memorable experiences include serving Earl Grey tea to Patrick Stewart, and dancing at Baja beach club with "Terry" Hulk Hogan.

Besides the hours she works at the land of the magic, Christine enjoys numerous hours volunteering at 'Give Kids the World,' a non-profit organization that brings terminally ill children to Disney world as their last wish. She's an integral part of the office staff, and she also appears as Clayton, the town's mayor and walk-around rabbit of Kid's Village. She hops from door to door in the village, tucking the children in to bed at night. She is reaching her third anniversary at WDW, but alas she shall not see that day....

Although volunteering has always been a major part of Christine's life, in February of the upcoming year she will make it all of her life! She has been accepted in to the VISTA (Volunteers in Service To America) program, which is the United States version of the Peace Corps. Having just been accepted, she is not sure of where or when she is going, but she will know the details in December. She will be working in literacy and substance abuse prevention and is very excited. Next time you see her, do wish her luck. And despite her life by the sea (well, Chesapeake Bay), remember "No splooshing... witches melt you know!"

Pamela Shaw <sarabi@jazzmin.vnet.net>
Though she didn't intend it this way, Pamela Shaw's FDC persona has developed around a mermaid theme - ironic because it was _The Little Mermaid_ that showed her, as an adult, how much joy she could glean from Disney. Pamela is known in the FDC as Mer-Princess Alana, and while she has little in common physically with the animated mermaid, she *does* share with Alana a love of the sea and sea life. In fact, she's refused job offers in the midwest because of how far she would be from salt water! She now lives contentedly in Charlotte, North Carolina, reasonably close to the ocean and to DisneyWorld, with a quartet of frisky felines and one goofy, laid-back dog.

Pamela started her post-collegiate life as a writer, but her love of techno-wizardy led her to both the FDC and to her current position as a technology support engineer - fancy talk for a computer geek! She spends most of her time during the day helping people solve their computer-related problems, then hops with all enthusiasm on the Internet at night. When not hard-wiring herself into her PC, Pamela does have other hobbies, which include writing fiction and poetry, reading, sailing, and cuddling cute, furry animals.

Though she keeps busy at her day job, Pamela also found time to work for over a year as a part-time cast member at The Disney Store *and* finish her first novel (which now makes a lovely paperweight near her personal computer).

A long-time fan of _Sleeping Beauty_, Pamela's current Disney affections are keyed to _Beauty and the Beast_ and her ideal Disney heroine, Belle. Two themes of this film have won her heart: that what is important is what's *inside* a person, and that love will conquer all, if given selflessly. That sort of sentimentality is what Pamela holds dear to her heart and believes in sincerely.... her FDC friends don't call this mermaid "sopfish" for nuthin'! Any doubters can catch her shedding tears at least once a week over a viewing of the transformation scene in BatB or the conclusion of _The Little Mermaid_. Just be sure to bring her an extra hankie, 'cause she will need it.

Wedding Bells and Tinker Bells

by Carol Koster

Of the many emotions Disney entertainment evokes, love and romance are two so many people find most appealing. Since this summer, three couples on rec.arts.disney (r.a.d.) were caught up in their own romantic fairy tales come true, betrothing to each other their hearts and lives forever as they became engaged. Let's meet them:

Amy Lynne Plack's and Greg Marr's lives embrace so much they have in common they are, as their FDC counterparts in Disney's _The Fox and the Hound_ are, truly "the best of friends."

Amy and Greg are both students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. They have both admired Disney films since their childhoods, especially _The Fox and the Hound_. Both have read and posted to r.a.d. for years. They both participate in the same campus honors, service and drama organizations. And both fell in love with each other after two months of dating, though Greg and Amy add they had known and liked each other for 18 months before that.

Amy joined the FDC as Scamper-around Tod the Fox "remembering how much she loved [Tod]." Greg remembered seeing many of FDC CEO and Founder Sean Squier's posts, but really joined because Amy had, frolicking close to her by choosing FDC Sniff-around Copper. Together, Amy/Tod and Greg/Copper acted out their affection for each other, and as best friends do, keeping each other out of harm's way. "I am always getting myself into trouble! And Greg is always trying to keep me out of it!" says Amy. Says Greg, "We're the best of friends.... We'll always be together..." Unfortunately for the propagation of future little FDC foxes and hounds, both Amy's and Greg's FDC characters are male, but Amy winks that they plan to compensate by "playing with each other (tickling, rolling on the floor, etc.)."

How did they become engaged? To Amy, it came as an unexpected surprise. "We went out to dinner, and since I had gone home to visit my parents and attend a wedding and funeral, I didn't think anything of it. After the meal, I left to go to the ladies room, and when I came back, Greg said, 'I'd like to ask you your opinion on something.' The next thing, I knew, I was staring a diamond ring in the face. It was a wonderful feeling! I almost threw up." Upon calming down, Amy and Greg were of same mind: Tell the world - tell r.a.d.! Greg was just about to post an announcement to the newsgroup late this summer, but Amy beat him to it, and was able to show her fiancee a sheaf of congratulatory messages.

Amy and Greg have set a wedding date of September 21, 1996 and plan to incorporate Disney music into their festive day. Amy plans to graduate in a year with a degree in Technical Writing and Biology to become a free lance scientific journalist and a children's story author. Greg is well on his way to earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering Design and pursuing his dream of becoming a Walt Disney Company Imagineer in Florida. Greg says they both "live on the computer" and Amy promises they will both continue to connect to r.a.d. after they are married.

Misti ("FDC Morgana McCawbre" Grizabella) Jordan and Eddie ("Ford Prefect") Murphy share a familiarity with answers in need of questions and the exploration of the fantasy aspects of Usenet. The leap to Disney was a natural one for the couple, especially since Misti managed to find her special prince.

In her role as FDC Morgana, Executive Casting Director, Executive Prince Tester and RAD Hostess Misti leads a busy life on r.a.d., IRCs, and various MUCKs and MUDs (most recently the new FDC MUCK). Misti first came across r.a.d. while finishing her studies in Computer Science at Tulane University. Misti's first FDC title, Vice-President of Casting and Personnel and Executive Prince Tester, came during the era of FDC Founder and CEO Sean Squier. As Morgana, a character from "Darkwing Duck," Misti says she likes portraying "a former bad guy sorceress with moments of weakness, it's kind of fun getting mad and turning someone into tapioca pudding!" (From Eddie: "I've since converted her to potato salad.")

Upon return to the IRC channel #jeopardy (now known as #riskybus) from an extended family vacation, Misti noticed a new player, "Ford Prefect" AKA Eddie Murphy. Guys on this channel enjoy sending fun, provocative private messages to the women who participate in the weekly games, and "Ford" began joining in by messaging Misti. After awhile, their private net-mails to each other became more serious. During a discussion about musical theatre on the IRC, Misti mentioned privately to someone else she listened to the sound track of "Chess" regularly as she prepared to go to work. A minute later, "Ford" announced he was listening to "Chess" at that moment. That's when Misti knew something was clicking between her and Eddie. Misti knew she was falling in love when Ed spent a great deal of time consoling her during IRC over a recent devastating loss. Misti acted on her deep feelings for Ed by packing her bags and driving 500 miles to College Station, Texas to meet him in person at school at Texas A & M.

Meanwhile, about half a dozen friends of the couple on the net began to guess the truth about their relationship without knowing they were right.

"The" question in search of an answer came amid the fantasy and fun of a Mardi Gras coronation ball in New Orleans and reads as if it came from "Cinderella."

Misti is a member of the Krewe of Rhea and invited Eddie to come to New Orleans to be her escort for that formal evening.

"I had a feeling that he was going to ask me to marry him that weekend sometime," Misti recalls. Ed says "I had narrowed it down to a two day period roughly a month prior to the event." Misti continued "After a very hectic evening trying to get to the ball on time (how Disney... will the Princess make it to the ball on time?...), we relaxed and ate dinner... while being serenaded by a rock band that was trying to wake P.G.T. Beauregard's statue with the sheer loudness of their music. It was utterly impossible to hear what one another was saying. So, as the band finished one song, Eddie suddenly stood up, took my hand and said, 'Come with me...' He led me out to the center of the floor (I was sputtering the whole time, 'What are you doing?!'), dropped down to his knee, pulled out the box with the ring in it, and said, 'Misti, will you marry me?'"

"I just stared at him for a minute. (Which I think scared him :) ) I could not believe this was actually happening to me. By this time, a few other people had noticed what was going on, and one lady walked up and asked if he was proposing. I think that snapped me out of my dreamworld, because I immediately told Eddie 'Yes.', and kissed him. I was shaking so bad that he couldn't even put the ring on my finger, and I still have trouble believing that this is all really happening. To quote a more famous Disney Princess: 'It's all so magical!'"

A dream of a Disney World wedding next summer occupies Misti's fantasies these days. In the next year Eddie will transfer to Tulane University in New Orleans to be closer to the love of his life, complete his M.S. degree in computer science, keep Darkwing Duck from pestering her too much, mass produce a Kill-O-Sploosh water gun, and "make obscene amounts of money writing computer programs."

Ed is currently Misti's Official Guinea Prince and Vice-President of Xenopsychology. Misti affirms this particular prince and hitchhiker around the universe has passed inspection with flying colors, "I'm keeping him for myself!"

The last of our three couples bring new meaning to the phrase "global engagement," because they live 8,000 miles apart.

Margaret ("Mags" "FDC Tinker Bell" "Tink") Gerberi began lurking on r.a.d. in September, 1993 and began posting to it two months later while a student at the University of Iowa. Mags' lifelong fascination with all things Disney led to her selection as part of the WDW College Program and being hired to work full-time in Orlando upon her graduation in May of this year. Mags says she wanted to be part of the "camaraderie of r.a.d.\*U and chose Tinker Bell as her primary FDC character because of Tink's "feisty independence." So well received was Mags' addition to the FDC Registry that she was the recipient of the first Special Pixie Award from r.a.d. and the FDC, bestowed at a virtual online banquet this past spring.

Meanwhile, Geoff ("FDC Pixie-guard for Ms. Tinker Bell, Fly-around Magic Carpet and HoloDisney Executive Engineer") Thomas also started reading r.a.d. about a year ago while finishing his Masters Degree in Computer Science at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. Geoff chose _Aladdin_'s Magic Carpet as his FDC persona because of its "freedom of a non-main-part character, being a good guy, helping out his pals when they got in trouble, and for a good sense of humor." Geoff's many r.a.d. and FDC pals reciprocated by voting him 1994 FDC Man of the Year this past Spring.

Geoff and Mags would often see each other's names and FDC characters on the net. Mags found Geoff's postings to r.a.d. interesting even when she only lurked on the newsgroup. Geoff found something interesting and pleasing about Mags' posts. "A nice person, helping out wherever she could..."

Soon they discovered their scholastic and personal lives, and those of their FDC characters, began running parallel. A private net-mail correspondence between them began to grow, at first as Geoff became bodyguard to Tink during the infamous r.a.d./FDC water wars, and then more and more as they learned just how much they had in common. For one thing, both had a lifelong love of all things Disney. They both enjoyed the possibilities of role playing their Tink and Magic Carpet FDC characters. So flawless was their role playing in these characters that when they truly had become engaged this summer, people on r.a.d. had a hard time believing it was true and not made up between their characters.

Living on opposite ends of the globe, their proposal was conducted very simply over long-distance overseas telephone, Geoff asking, and Margaret immediately saying "Yes!" But the getting-down-on-one-knee traditional "in person" type of proposal, ring and all, hasn't happened, yet. But in early 1995 Geoff will fly to Orlando from New Zealand to place that diamond engagement ring personally on Mags' finger. The brightly lit fireworks you see over WDW might actually be the spontaneous celebration of a couple in love!

Mags plans to return to graduate school to compliment her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies and American Studies/ minor in Spanish with a M.A. in Organizational Communication, in order to pursue a career in business communication consulting or human resources/personnel work. Geoff plans to apply his Masters degree to computer programming and virtual reality development. After their wedding in 1997, Mags plans to move to New Zealand. In the meantime, Mags and Geoff can be found within the virtual world of the FDC MUCK, Geoff as the MUCK Wizard MC, and Mags as Tink, MUCK Wizard for Creative Consultation. Their areas of the MUCK reflect "....two lives have begun now, two hearts become one now, one passion, one dream...."

Take six hearts. Fill them with love of Disney. Sprinkle a liberal measure of pixie-dusted whimsy over all. Stir well with a Future Disney Cabinet swizzle and garnish with a sprig of mistletoe overhead. These three newly-engaged couples have found that special recipe of romance within the fantasy of a Disney fairy tale. We at DIS' 'n' DAT wish Amy, Greg, Mags, Geoff, Misti and Ed congratulations and joy this holiday season.

FDC Meeces Defend Home Turf Against Fowl-Feathered Friends

by Carol Koster

Author's note: This article contains substantial FDC content. It is meant only as a good-natured FDC spoof of the cartoon rivalry between the Disney characters Donald Duck and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The events are real. The participants, Charles Buchanan, Misti Jordan, Traci Mitchell and Rich and Carol Koster are all very good friends and very much into the FDC spirit. Beignets ("ben-yay") are a French doughnut served in New Orleans, pralines are a sugar-pecan candy indigenous to the South.

"I want pralines! I want beignets! WAK-WAK-WAK-WAK-WAK!"

So goes the taunt. We could never escape from it: On rec.arts.disney (r.a.d.), on weekly IRCs, in the FDC MUCK! FDC Duck, known on r.a.d. as Charles Buchanan, insisting on sweet carbohydrates from New Orleans' French Quarter to fuel his quacky tantrums was too much for two FDC Mice to bear - "WAK-WAK-WAK-WAK-WAK!" - ARRRRRRGGHH!

That arrogant little birdie wanted to fly into New Orleans and meet the Meeces, known on r.a.d. as Rich and Carol Koster! On Mickey and Minnie's birthday weekend of November 18th, piling insult on top of insult!

So my spousal Mouse and I devised a plan to do in FDC Official Duck: Sure, let him come here! Let him stay in our Mouse House! We'll ply him with kindness, but we'll touch all his food, then sploosh him, in the END! His little mallard heinie will stay damp for a week! Bwahahahahah!

The weekend went splendidly, exactly according to Mousie plan. FDC Duck was splooshed thoroughly upon his arrival at New Orleans Airport by the Meeces joined by FDC Morgana (Misti Jordan). Mice 1, Ducks 0! Then followed a whirlwind tour of the French Quarter ending at 3 a.m. with Duck's craving for beignets at Cafe du Monde satisfied. The fiery, splashy fountain in Pat O'Brien's famous courtyard offered its own unique watery atmosphere as Ducks and Meeces relaxed for awhile and compared notes about r.a.d., the FDC and each other.

The following day was _The Lion King_ interactivity day! On re-opening weekend, Ducks and Meeces, joined by Traci Mitchell (lurker-no-more and FDC Frank), poured out their love of Disney animation and the contents of their Super Soaker key chains on each other in the theatre during their favorite parts of Disney's big screen success. _The Lion King_, much like _Rocky Horror Picture Show_, is ripe in its audience interactive possibilities! Of course, we held up baby Simba and Nala plush whenever Rafiki did, receiving positive laughter from fellow audience members. Singing along and doing seat-based dancing and hand choreography is great fun! We stayed through the closing credits, pointing out familiar rec.arts.disney article writers from Disney Feature Animation in the closing credits. A thoroughly FDC day at the cinema!

But the temporary peace and good fun between Mice and Ducks broke down on Sunday, November 20, Duck's last day in town. It all started at lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Morgana and FDC Frank joined FDC Duck and us at our table, openly declaring loyalty to the Duck, opening up with Super Soaker *pistols* and spraying the table with water. Mice 1, Ducks 1! We were outnumbered! Not to worry! Meeces knew what to order off the menu: War Sue Opp, a type of fried duck, and Tea Smoked Duck, with Mandarin and Peking duck sauces! Gotcha! Mice 2, Ducks 1. "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!" sickened FDC Frank exclaimed. "Cannibalistic!" observed FDC Morgana disgustedly. Of course we ordered duck! We wanted to set the Ducks juices to high boil! It worked! They were mad! And they wanted to get even! Mice 3, Ducks 1! We were polite Mousies and offered them a taste of it, but they refused. The gauntlet was thrown. It was time to fight a duel!

Off we went, Ducks and Lizard in one car, Mice in another, southbound across the 24-mile long Lake Ponchartrain Causeway. The Mice took the early offensive in transit! At 65-70 MPH, the Meeces sunroof opened, up went the infamous plant mister with the fingers of "the scourge of Whispering Canyon" on the trigger, and SPLOOSH-SPLOOSH-SPLOOSH! Bwhahahaha! Target hit! Morgana's windshield wipers were wiping away the watery mess! Mice 5, Ducks 1! Morgana's car tried to pass us several times on the bridge, down went their passenger windows, and SPLOOSH-SPLOOSH- SPLOOSH came from FDC Frank and FDC Duck! We could see Morgana, FDC Frank and FDC Duck laughing hysterically in the Duck car as they tried to pass. Silly fowl! Their Super Soaker pistols were no match for 65 MPH wind resistance, Mice 8, Ducks 1. Later in city traffic, it was easy to get the Ducks' car sopping wet at every stoplight. Mice 9, Ducks 1!

An advantageous Mouse break came when FDC Frank the Lizard had to part company for the evening. Ah ha: Two Ducks (Duck and Morgana) against two Mice (Mickey and Minnie). We sang songs from _Beauty and the Beast - A New Musical_ as we rode together in our car on our way to FDC battlefield glory.

A quick stop in the French Quarter to buy pralines gave way to the reality it was getting late. We had to fight and leave for the airport. So the great Ducks vs. Meeces FDC Splooshing Duel of 1994 took place in the French Quarter at dusk, appropriately enough on the banks of the Mississippi River. Aim, FIRE, SSSSSPPPPPLLLOOOSH! Ducks got wet! Mice 11, Ducks 1! Aim, FIRE, SSSSSPPPPPLLLOOOSH! Meeces took direct hits from both Ducks! Mice 11, Ducks 3! Time out: Minnie generously poured out her plant mister ammo into Ducks' and Mickey's key chain Super Soakers. Back to back, this time: Twenty paces! [Editor's note: Twenty paces is beyond the range of a keychain gun] One, two, three... Little did those silly ducks realize the Meeces were following them! Close-range aim, FIRE, SSSSSPPLOOOSHH! Ducks and Mice equally soaked! Mice 13, Ducks 5! [Editor's note: Obviously, the Meeces knew this] Mice held a formidable lead, but couldn't outrun the Ducks in one skirmish. SSSSPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLOOOOOOSSSSSSSSHHHH! Mice 13, Ducks 7! Time out: Minnie generously poured out more water ammo for her Mouse spouse and guests, as a good hostess should. Screw the nozzle back on: SSSSPLLLLLLLLLOOOOOSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!! A few tourists out for a stroll that evening witnessing the Great New Orleans r.a.d. Water War didn't know what in the heck was going on! But we did! Thoroughly wet, both sides stopped when Minnie started running out of water to replenish both sides' reservoirs. It was over.

On the way to the airport, still dripping wet, we drove through City Park to look for the famous Dueling Oaks, where real life duels used to take place, just to say we had seen them. But what did our eyes behold but a dazzling display of lights high amid the stately branches. One week early, City Park's annual Celebration in the Oaks was ablaze with lights and neon ornaments. All thoughts of water wars vanished from our heads as this wonderland of fantasy lighting instilled in us the message of the Holiday season: Peace on earth, goodwill towards men, Mice and Ducks. We didn't even feel the need to sploosh when we did find the Dueling Oaks. And of course, we were out of water anyway!

And so the great Ducks vs. Meeces watery rivalry ended for 1994. A fond memory of finding new friends of new FDC species across the miles is now affixed in our virtual r.a.d./FDC scrapbook forever more.

FDC Duck Reports "The Truth"

by Charles Buchanan

Editor's note - In a spirit of generosity never before experienced by DIS' 'n' DAT, [ You STILL haven't turned me back from being a toon! - Contrib. Ed.] we have decided to let another participant in the preceding story give his own version of the events that were described.

Note: This net-together report is written in Ducky Vision. Please put on your kaleidoscope-colored Ducky Vision glasses and continue reading for a virtual multi-sensory - and very WET - experience.

Well, despite what those goody-goody Mice tell you, it DIDN'T happen that way...For the REAL story of our net-together, read on...

Earlier in the fall, the silly Mice (Rich and Carol Koster) and I planned a Duck-Mouse Peace Conference, in which all the Ducks (thats me) and the FDC Mickey and Minnie Mouse would come together in New Orleans for a weekend of celebrating Disney fun. We also invited our FDC Morgana (Misti Jordan) to join in, since she is one of the FDC Walkaround Ducks. Anyway, I planned to have a calm, relaxing weekend... But what did I see when I flew in to the New Orleans airport (and boy, were MY wings tired)? Rich and Carol and Misti dressed in black, with giant Mickey gloves, huge mouse-ear umbrellas... and super soakers! Those Mice had conveniently forgotten about the Weekend of Peace and splooshed me right in front of the airport security guards, like this - SPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHH! [Editor's note - How'd they get such weapons past security?]

Well then, I was miffed, and I kept my eyes on those rascally vermin as they led Morgana and I through the French Quarter, dulling our senses with beignets and drinks at the French Market and Pat O'Briens. I was already on to their simple tricks, you see - Mickey and Minnie have a dark side (and it ain't because of the color of their fur!). When the Mice drove me to the Mouse House in Mandeville, I was greeted with rooms full of Disney stuff, including videos, music, books, art, pictures, photos from other net-togethers, access to Disney cyberspace, a fridge full of orange juice (no Donald Duck brand available, unfortunately), etc., etc., etc. But of course, most of it was MOUSE stuff, right down to the complimentary Disney Resort toiletries in the guest bathroom. It was an attempt to BRAINWASH me, I tell you. Fortunately it failed (and NO cracks about the Duck not having a brain to wash, OK?!).

On Saturday, we again met Misti in New Orleans for a viewing of _The Lion King_. Our new FDC friend Frank the Frilled-Necked Lizard (aka Traci Mitchell) also came along. Now seeing a Disney animated feature with Mice is a singular experience. You know what people do at viewings of _Rocky Horror Picture Show_? Well... In addition to holding up plushies at appropriate moments during the film, the silly Mice also took it upon themselves to SPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHH! Morgana, Frank and I whenever Simba and Co. encountered water (and there are quite a few times in that film - more times than I remembered from earlier viewings... Hmmm...). The Mice gleefully asked us after the movie why we didn't sploosh back. Well, when WE got splooshed, WE didn't have innocent bystanders (bysitters?) sitting on the other side of us! We wanted to be polite and considerate - unlike certain rascally rats! After that we embarked on a Disney Store Tour, discovering the marvels - both duck and mouse-oriented - within two area Disney Stores, and we stopped by Morgana's apartment lair in Metairie. Now lets re-examine things here. Who had splooshed whom at this point? The evil, treacherous, rat-like Mice did ALL the splooshing to us poor, innocent, angelic, peace-loving ducklings (by now I had made FDC Frank an Honorary Duck - I didn't want her to fall into the grubby gloves of the vermin!).

Well, by Sunday I figured the Mice had something incredibly devious planned against us cute li'l quackers...And it happened at Trey Yuen, a Chinese restaurant in Mandeville. THEY ATE THREE KINDS OF DUCK!!!! RIGHT IN FRONT OF MORGANA AND ME!!! So Morgana splooshed em right there in the restaurant (sorry, Mr. Innocent Bysitter!), and Frank got in her valiant and victorious first splooshes outside (I believe that was revenge for the Kosters cat eating a lizard that morning). The evil Mice threatened me, but backed off when they noticed the water hose I was standing next to... Heh heh! So by then we ducks were really provoked. We knew something big was about to happen, something like THE WORLD'S FIRST HIGH SPEED DRIVE-BY SPLOOSHING! Imagine if you will two cars speeding across the worlds longest bridge, over a huge lake. The Koster car has a sunroof, out of which Carol wielded a plant mister! SPLOOSH! SPLOOSH! SPLOOSH! After wiping the windshield, Misti sped up beside the Koster car, where Frank aimed her guns and SPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSHHHHED! Rich's window while I made terrifying faces from the back seat. The Mice were on a roll now, both figuratively and literally (since they were in their car and all). We had to say goodbye to Frank, the Glorious Frill-Necked Lizard and Defender of Ducks, in New Orleans, but Morgana and I hopped into the Koster car for a trip down to the French Quarter, during which we got Morgana hopelessly hooked on the _Beauty and the Beast - A New Musical_ CD! After I bought some pralines in the Quarter, it was time for the ultimate showdown...The Great Riverfront Duel...

Only in New Orleans could an FDC Water War involve the Mississippi River...Only in New Orleans, which is already below sea level *before* any splooshing...There, on the levee next to the French Market, those Mice paid for their sins against Ducks that weekend - ten times and many gallons over...Morgana and I SPLOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHED and SPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSHHHHHHED and SPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHED those rodents until they ran down the levee, squeaking in fear and shivering in terror (or was that from being cold after all that water?), with droplets cascading from their hair and fogging up their glasses. The Ducks had proven, right there on the Meeces' home turf, that we are superior when it comes to any kind of water battles, both virtual and real!

After the Water Duel, the downtrodden Mice drove me to the airport, where I exercised my wings and flew back to Birmingham. I hear now that the Mice are telling folks on the net that THEY were the victorious ones - that THEY defended their city from the invading Ducks! Well, those who are defeated in battle usually do try to rewrite history to benefit themselves - that's why I've written this *completely true and factual account*. Hey, if its not true, may lightning strike....ummm, the Meeces in New Orleans!


(Across the miles, a pair of sharp squeaks are heard)

(Jafar-like Duck laughter fades into the background)

1994 New Orleans Net-Togethers

by Carol Koster

[Editor's note: There have been other Net*Togethers in New Orleans during 1994... this short article is a list of them.]

February 16, 1994: Scott Terek of Walt Disney Feature Animation concluded a Mardi Gras visit with friends in town and spent some time with us. The Net*Together included spirited conversation about r.a.d., a stop to buy some New Orleans music CDs, Ash Wednesday Mass at St. Louis Basilica, lunch with Rich and a brief tour of the TV station where Rich works. A genuinely sweet man to get to know!

June 17, 1994: Richelle Pigcher and her friend Susan visited town to observe the architecture and art galleries here. Susan was unable to keep the dinner date, but Richelle and we enjoyed an evening of good food and good conversation, some Disney videos, and watching O. J. Simpson's white Bronco traverse the Los Angeles freeway system on live TV. Richelle is working on obtaining an art degree and pursuing further education at one of the universities Disney recruits artists from. She's a delightful woman with her eye fixed firmly on her career goal. Good luck, Richelle!

August 14, 1994: We met Misti Jordan of r.a.d. for the first time. We met at a local cafeteria for lunch, splooshed each other in the lobby, ate, then proceeded to watch _The Lion King_. After the movie, Misti mentioned an idea which took off on r.a.d.: Doing interactive things with the _The Lion Kink_, much like _Rocky Horror Picture Show_ audiences do. This was the first of three net-togethers with Misti. None of them were dry (Sploosh!) but all of them were fun!

August 21, 1994: Graham Allan from Scotland visited New Orleans while on an extended business trip to the U.S. We scheduled a brunch to coincide with a luncheon being held at the same time at Blue Bayou at Disneyland. We thought we'd impress Graham by how many bottles of shampoo we'd liberated from Disney resorts when we were guests there, until Graham told us he did the same thing! Graham is a global Disney theme park attendee, and within the past month visited Tokyo DL, DL and WDW! Truly, Graham is an FDC executive on the go!

November 6, 1994: Misti Jordan and her friend Traci Mitchell, who formerly lurked on r.a.d., joined us at our Louiseyana Disneyana NFFC Chapter meeting touring Longue Vue House, which had a temporary display of Disneyana and a permanent exhibit of 16 original Courvosier Disney cels and set ups.

November 10, 1994: Eric Patterson, who posts on r.a.d. as DocWomBat, was on a cross-country drive from his home in Oregon to Orlando, and pulled in off the Interstate for a visit. Eric is a former cast member at a Disney Store who is now seeking work in Orlando, hopefully with Disney. We went to lunch at a local restaurant and a brush with greatness, the first celebrity to be seen during a r.a.d. Net*Together: Jazz clarinetist Pete Fountain! Eric posts a lot of great Disney information on r.a.d., so watch for his informative posts.

November 12, 1994: We joined Misti Jordan and her fiancee Ed Murphy and several of their friends at a celebratory picnic in City Park the day after their engagement became official. We played Trivial Pursuit in the grass until 'way after dark. Also joining us were a stray dog who refused to leave us alone, a swank private party inside the New Orleans Museum of Art with police escort, a flock of ducks on the lagoon by day and what I think was an alligator in that same lagoon after dark. Gulp! Misti and Ed are fantastically in love! You should see her engagement ring!

November 18-20, 1994: Charles Buchanan of r.a.d. spends the weekend and we get together with Misti and Traci for the Great Meeces/Duck Duel [see previous article(s)]. Charles is not like his Donald Duck persona in person, he's more like a cuddly teddy bear!

(Tentatively) December 18, 1994: r.a.d. lurker Hal Ellis in Baton Rouge hosts a Disney party in his Disneyana-filled house! Hal is the person who originally posted the Childcraft Outlet Store list, Childcraft is owned by Disney and is like multi-chain outlet for selected items of Disney merchandise.

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