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                    "All Disney news fitted to print"

Volume 2 Number  7                                         July 94 Edition

In this issue...

Top Ten Reasons for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Delay

One of the newest thrill attractions at the Disney/MGM Studios is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. In this ride, guests are going to have the magic thrill of plummeting thirteen stories in a delapidated elevator.

This ride was originally scheduled to open June 1, 1994. The date was pushed back to July 1, 1994, and now we are being told that this date is going to be pushed back even further.

For those that are curious, DIS' 'n' DAT presents, as a public service, from our home offices in "I'll Sue" City...

Top Ten Reasons for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Delay
Sparky got too nervous when Imagineering wanted him to be the first person to try out the ride.
Two words: "O"-Ring Seals.
Saudi Prince wants the Tower to be turned slightly so that it faces Mecca.
Slight misunderstanding arose when they found that guests were actually thinking that they'd survive the drop.
Michael Eisner decided that having Mutual of Omaha machines in the queue for the attraction was not in good taste.
Tower architect kept on saying "Of course it'll work... and my wife is Morgan Fairchild... whom I've slept with."
Personnel from nearby Nickelodeon Studios broke in recently and placed tons of green slime at the bottom of the drop.
Construction crew was disheartened when they found that Beauty and the Beast on Broadway only got one crummy Tony award.
Imagineering keeps saying that the Tower is as stable as shares in Euro-Disney.
And the number one reason for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Delay...
Weenies in management keep asking for useless things like safety tests.

FDC Column

The FDC is a group of people on rec.arts.disney that have dreams of working for the Disney company in some capacity or another. The FDC was founded to allow such people an opportunity to pretend that they do work for the company that gave us Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, and _Freaky Friday_. Recently, most FDC applicants are character walk-arounds, who assume the role of their character quite literally in correspondence on rec.arts.disney. A number of FDC members and other people that regularly read rec.arts.disney recently got together at Disneyland, and a report of that trip is included as a separate article in this issue.

In this column, DIS' 'n' DAT gives some more members of the FDC the opportunity to tell the readership of this newsletter just who they are and how they came rec.arts.disney in the first place. Their responses, slightly edited, follow:

David Uy daviduy@ee.umr.edu
David Uy (the last name is pronounced "We" in case you were wondering) has taken the fanciful title of FDC Janitor for Back Lot Building R-37. He has been classified by some as a net.artist even though his formal art training does not extend beyond the kindergarten finger-painting level. "[Don'tlet David began lurking on rec.arts.disney around February 1993 and, having nothing to contribute at the time, continued lurking until Neil Collins and a group of other Mermaid fanatics expressed an interest in seeing some of his homemade cel set-ups. Since August 1993, he has posted a number of creations for the readers of the newsgroup. [Some of his images can by found via anonymous ftp at ftp.\%ugcs.\%cal\%tech.\%edu\%:\%/pub\%/dis\%ney\%/images - Ed.] David's interest in cels and animation art was actually sparked by a visit to the Animation Studio Tour of the Disney/MGM Studios Theme Park in 1991. Taking the phrase "I'll do it myself!" to heart, he did just that, experimenting with different techniques and methods until his creations began to look reasonable. The end result of this interest is an apartment that looks like an animation art gallery/studio. An interior decorator would probably have a heart attack if they ever saw a place so decorated. David began life as he knows it in Detroit, Michigan. He hates to admit this fact as the old neighborhood is now classified as a demilitarized zone. He stopped celebrating his birthday after he turned 21 and admits that he would have had to stop four years earlier if he were a toon because he would have been drawn with a only four fingers per hand, four toes per foot, and one nose. David's birthday, however, does not go completely uncelebrated as the computer virus strain named after famed renaissance artist Michelangelo by some strange coincidence strikes on the same day. David wonders how long it would take the average rec.arts.disney resident to find all the hidden Mickeys had he been commissioned to paint the Sistine Chapel. His favorite pastime is traveling to exotic countries to sample the local cuisine. His hobbies include (along with trying to draw pictures) photography and watchmaking and he also enjoys fishing and hiking. David also appears to be a laserdisc (LD) fanatic - as a public service to other LD enthusiasts on rec.arts.disney, David has taken the responsibility of maintaining a supplemental list to Tom Tanida's Film Availability List. This supplement serves as a repository for all the little useless information that LD collectors find so interesting. When he is not goofing off, David secretly disguises himself as a graduate student at the University of Misery in Rolla, MO. He should have been finished with school by now and on the streets carrying a sign saying "Will Work for Food!" Fortunately, he was discovered by rec.arts.disney and when finally finished, he can happily carry a sign proclaiming "Will Work for Don Bluth!"
Lisa Shoup Campbell lcampbel@uci.edu
When asked for a biography for this newsletter, Ms. Campbell did what comes naturally for her. Living up to her role as the totally NON-MUTE "FDC March-Around Dopey," her autobiography is a bit of a novella, like many of her posts to rec.arts.disney. Instead of attempting to paraphrase her, I'll let that FDC dwarf

I live in southern California, about a half-hour's drive from Disneyland, The Original!, and have lived in southern California all my life. I'm 34, so I've been visiting Disneyland almost as long as it's been there. I've seen it go through TONS of changes, but I never tire of visiting the Park, and even have a coveted "Annual Pass." I go about twice a month, which is such a total luxury, I'm still THRILLED to be able to do it! And contrary to what I'd feared, going that often has not left me jaded, or indifferent toward Disneyland-- quite the contrary! Since I go that often, I see little details that I'd never noticed before, and I can take time to just relax with a cup of coffee and some form of chocolate dessert (doesn't matter what form, as long as it's chocolate!), and just watch the people and soak up the wonderful, happy atmosphere there. I appreciate Disneyland more and more with each visit, and never cease to marvel at the magic the cast there creates!Now that I've been on rec.arts.disney for awhile, I've begun to know some WONDERFUL people that I wouldn't have met otherwise. The "rec.arts.disney Disneyland get-togethers" that we in the southern California area have begun to do have been a great way to meet others with similar interests, and there's nothing better than seeing Disneyland with other people who are as enthusiastic about it as I am! I had the good fortune to visit Walt Disney World just once, about two years ago, and while we had to abort the vacation early due to "family issues," I still had a terrific time, and can hardly wait to go back. My goal is to be there October 1, 1996, for the 25th anniversary, which will coincidentally be my birthday, so what better present could I give myself??! I've loved all things Disney pretty much all my life. I'm one of those people who just loves "happily-ever-afters," so Disney has obviously always appealed to me. I REALLY enjoy introducing the wonder and magic of Disney to people who haven't experienced it yet. To anyone reading this, if you're EVER planning a visit to Disneyland and would like a personal tour guide, just let me know! I **LOVE** the place, and love showing it to people. My earliest recollections of Disney are of the Park. I remember the first time I rode on the Matterhorn, which was probably when I was around 6 years old. I have NO recollection of the actual ride I took that day, but I distinctly recall trying to be very brave while we waited in line, and "telling" my mother over and over that this would undoubtedly be a really fun ride, and not scary at all. I'm not sure if I convinced myself or not, but I can still picture it in my mind's eye. I also recall visiting the "Mickey Mouse Club Clubhouse," and having my picture taken with Mickey, when I was probably about 4. I think I "remember" it more from the picture than from actual memory, but I treasure that photo. And I have wonderful memories of the "first" Fantasyland, and going to the Welch's grape juice counter for a grape Popsicle, then watching "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day" in the theatre there. I recall watching the construction of "Pirates of the Caribbean," and the "Haunted Mansion," and being so excited when we could FINALLY ride those rides! They were SHEER MAGIC! Absolute bliss. I spent my 1977 high school Grad Night at Disneyland, and waited about five hours (!) in line for Space Mountain, since it was new then. Well worth the wait, though, and it's STILL my favorite Disneyland ride! I also have wonderful memories of what is, to me, one of the most wonderful things in Disneyland: the "Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks." My earliest clear recollections are of the time when it wasn't Tinker Bell who "flew" from the Matterhorn down to "light" the fireworks, but it was Mary Poppins! Oh how I LOVED that! Tinker Bell's flight is still nearly magical to me, and if someone could grant me one Disney wish, I would wish to be that Tinker Bell for a night! (And when I watch the Disneyland Fireworks, I will always think of my very happy, vibrant friend Melodie, who finally got to visit Disneyland for the VERY first time when she was 26, and had tears in her eyes when the fireworks were through, because the "Americana"-ism of it all just overwhelmed her. We had a *great* day that day, August 1993, but she very suddenly passed away six weeks later. You won't ever be forgotten, Mel!) My earliest, *clear* Disney movie memories are of seeing The Jungle Book, which I always thought (and still do) was sort of sad, when Mowgli has to leave at the end. Geez, I'm such a sap! I also LOVED watching "The Wonderful World of Disney" every Sunday night, and just hated it when they showed a "two-parter," cause I was certain that there was NO WAY I could wait a week to see part two! That Walt sure could weave some kind of magic! My BEST Disney memory, though, is of when I saw "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" for the very first time. My mom and I went together, and I was SO taken with Dopey, and his sheer DELIGHT with life, and his absolute joy, love, and total desire to enjoy EVERY moment, and his total trust and child-like innocence! He's been my ultimate favorite Disney character ever since that wonderful afternoon, and that happiness he brings has become a really enjoyable hobby of mine, as I collect Dopeys in almost ANY form-- figurines, rubber dolls, original hand-made dolls, mugs, music boxes, movie posters, lobby cards, production drawings, whatever I can find AND afford! (I **jokingly** say that because I collect Dopeys, that's why I married my ex-husband, and that that was the only bad investment I've made so far!, but I stress the *jokingly* part of that. We remain good, supportive friends, for which I'm grateful). I also had the extreme pleasure of being a Disney Cast Member, if only briefly. I worked for three months this past holiday season at my local Disney Store, and never had so much FUN *working* in my life! When you get the chance to interact with guests who are still enthralled by the magic, and you can share it with them, it can really make your heart soar! I'm hoping to become a store Cast Member again, when the store a few miles from my home opens this fall! In "real life," I work at the University of California (UC), Irvine. The UC has nine campuses, and Irvine is, fortunately, near Disneyland! I've worked here 11 1/2 years, after graduating from here with a degree in French Linguistics. Much of my work is done online now, and I therefore have managed to get FREE, UNLIMITED Internet access! Browsing through the newsgroups one day, I stumbled upon rec.arts.disney, and have been hooked ever since! And of course, I just HAD to apply to be the FDC Dopey! I love reading rec.arts.disney, seeing the various viewpoints on various topics, and I enjoy both the "fun" posts that simply entertain, as well as the intellectual debates that get going sometimes. One thing that continually strikes me is how **intelligent** r.a.d'ers are! Many "outsiders" think that adult Disney fans are people who are "childish," but as we all know, we simply are able to still enjoy the child within us all! (It certainly isn't "childish" when, while discussing _Beauty and the Beast_, we start quoting from the 'original' French tale, citing specific passages; or when we get into a lengthy debate about "Hamlet" while awaiting the release of "The Lion King!"). The only negative Disney comment I'll make about myself is that I have trouble being negative about Disney! But heck, so what? This is the entertainment portion of life, and I like to just sit back and have FUN with it! Again, if anyone is going to be in the area of Disneyland, let me, or the rec.arts.disney group, know ahead of time, so that I/we can meet you, if you'd like. It's terrific when one can share that Disney love and magic with others! [Editor's note: Lisa has informed me that while her email may say "Campbell" for a while longer, she's resuming the use of her family name, which is "Shoup." So when you start seeing massive posts from somebody with that name, it's not a "Dopey" usurper, it's still her.]

A Novice's Guide to Disney's Film Divisions

Touchstone pictures has that recognizable blue "line and circle" logo that tells you that the following film is a Touchstone picture. Hollywood Pictures has that dumb-looking Sphinx gracing the start of their features. These images may be distinctive, but do little to convey the type of entertainment one is to expect from the respective labels.

Disney has a number of studios for some very good reasons. For example, the films "Splash!" and "The Little Mermaid," though they both deal with mermaids and the human males they pursue, are completely different. And being affiliated with such an image-conscious company as Disney has caused each of these studios to develop a distinctive "personality" that marks its products long before one even sees the opening credits.

Since it's true that "if you've seen one, you've seen them all," we at DIS' 'n' DAT have created a small but definitive guide for the average film viewer to describe EXACTLY the type of film one can expect from each of Disney's film studios so that YOU, the fan, can wisely budget your hard-earned entertainment dollars.

Miramax Pictures
Adult Material presented in a hopelessly confusing way. Pseudo-intellectuals will compare films from this studio with that of Chaplin, Kubrick, Premminger, and Woody Allen. Attempting to watch a Miramax film will thoroughly bewilder the average viewer, since these films are made to be talked about, not watched. It is sufficient to just know the names of these films. That way, you can lace the titles into socialpolitical discussions from Ethnic Cleansing to Clinton's Health Care Reform and sound really sophisticated and worldly on the cocktail circuit, without ever having seen the films.
Touchstone Pictures
Self-important superstars and directors proving to themselves that they are just as good as Woody Allen, and proving to the audience that they are just as bad as Sonny Tufts. Starring in a Touchstone Picture is a sign that a person has made it in Hollywood; it is also a sure sign of a career just starting its decline, or vainly attempting a comeback.
Disney Films
Live-action films under the Disney label are best characterized by the word "NO": NO dirty language, NO nudity, NO controversial subject matter, and NO real plot. This film division was designed to provide material for "The Magical World of Disney" show on the Disney Channel. Feature artists that play roles in these films have recently just sobered up after a five year binge, or have had a tragedy in their life that makes them want to make a film that will stay in the hearts of their children. Unfortunately, these films also end up sitting heavily in the stomachs of everybody else...
Disney Feature Animation
Ahhh... the jewel in the Disney crown. This film division has long been regarded as one of the best loved and most visible manifestations of the Disney corporate entity. With the nomination of _Beauty and the Beast_ for Best Picture, however, this division has let success finally go to their heads, despite having lot the award to a movie about a cannibal. These people are now idealists that now deny any association with _Duck Tales: The Movie_ and _Return of Jafar_. They are so in love with their drawings that they won't make any feature films whose characters aren't plastered in every store window. Just visit any department store and look at _The Lion King_ merchandise climbing to the walls...
Hollywood Pictures
The best description of this studio is to say that it's a cross between Miramax and Disney Films: Adult material treaded in a childish manner. 'Nuff said.

rec.arts.disney Members Meet at Disneyland

On June 5, 1994, at about noon, a group of r.a.d'ers finally had a chance to meet, **face to face**, at Disneyland (The Original!). I think that everyone who was able to attend had a GREAT time meeting each other, and getting to know the people behind the posts. Of course, three of the group were lurkers, so we didn't even know them from their posts, but that made absolutely no difference, because they are all true-blue Disney fans, and us non-lurkers were thrilled to meet even more people!

We met in front of "It's A Small World" at noon. Christina, from the earthquake-ravaged California State University at Northridge, who made the original suggestion for this whole event, wasn't able to make it, because her car died! (Next time, Christina!). She was going to bring a sign, and I (Lisa, AKA FDC March-Around Dopey! *Heigh ho, Heigh ho*) was going to carry a red mouse-ears balloon. Meeting at the dedication plaque was a great idea, but it's also where the stroller parking is, so we wanted to avoid the confusion of this group of people who didn't know each other's faces trying to find and meet each other! Well, Christina never made it, and I spent from 11:30 till noon looking EVERYWHERE in the Park for a balloon vendor, but of course, they were nowhere to be found. So we wound up mingling around, and eventually pulling ourselves into a group! It was a little comical, to say the least.

Poor Roxane, the now un-lurked, who happened upon a woman right in that area who DID have one of the precious red balloons. She asked the woman if she was with the rec.arts.disney group, and I'm not sure what the woman must have thought! While we waited for a few more people to show up who'd said they'd be there, I spotted a family with three balloons, one of them red! I went over and asked if I could buy the red one from them, and while they may have thought I was one brick short of a load, they very kindly just gave me the balloon. They'd had them since their "Magic Morning" breakfast, and were tired of them bobbing around on the stroller! So after I finally procured the red balloon, we waited, and waited, and waited, and finally realized that no one else was coming anyway.

By then we'd probably clogged the exit to Small World for about an hour, so we decided to veer over toward some shade and continue getting to know each other! Allow me to introduce you to the group who was able to be there.

Jacquie Parr was one of the first there, but also, unfortunately, one of the first to leave, since she was visiting from northern California with 10 relatives! We were glad to meet you, Jacquie, even if only briefly! Hopefully you'll be able to make it down again sometime!

Steve Z (AKA Steve Ziolkowski) was there, with a really cool Euro-Disney cap on. (See lar3ry-- **someone** went there, at least ONCE!). His mother lives in Italy, so he gets to jet over there periodically, and drops in at Euro Disney from time to time! (Lucky guy).

Doug Palmer, the very tall guy in the photos, for those of you who have seen them, was there from nearby Long Beach, Calif.

John(Indigo) Frost, who kindly made our group lunch reservations at The Blue Bayou, was there, and along with Doug, touted the Monte Cristo sandwich so much that most of us had them for lunch! Yummmmmmmmmmm! (Rule #1: Never count calories at Disneyland!).

Greg (Tigger) Orman was there, appropriately attired in a Tigger shirt, and black and orange sunglasses! He's a real Disneyland regular, and is another fan of those Disney-lore stories that some of us love so much!

Greg(Sacto) Loe was able to be there, too, although he had to leave early, too. But at least we got to meet him! He stayed for the get-together, and left as we went into the Blue Bayou for lunch, cause he still had to drive home to Sacramento, which is probably at least seven hours away by car. We're glad to stuck around for a bit, Greg!

Todd King (a lurker, but lurkers are ALWAYS welcome!) was there in a great Lion King shirt. He works in Feature Animation! <envy, envy> We can watch for his name in the credits of _The Lion King_ when we all start flocking to it!

Teri McDonald (another WELCOME lurker!) was there, and SHE works in Feature Animation, too! <envy, envy> Her name is also in _The Lion King_ credits, under "Finishing," I think, and for those of you with the videos, she also worked on _Aladdin_ and _Beauty and the Beast_, (I think those are the ones she said!).

Roxane Smyer (the now famously de-lurked!) was there, too, and is another die-hard Disney fan! She and John(Indigo) are the two who saw Marie Osmond on Space Mountain, for those of you who read that thread. She is also not only de-lurked, but has already become an FDC member, as the FDC Fantasmic! Ninja! (Those of us who are joining her at Disneyland on July 4th to chat and watch Fantasmic! together are hoping to see her do her Ninja-stick routine!).

Roberta (FDC MalEficent and Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk Through supporter extraordinaire!) Brubaker was able to join us, for part of the time, although she was working that afternoon so couldn't stay with us the whole time. She's been a Disneyland cast member for around 15 years, and is one of the special group of Cast Members who has a Spirit Pin! If you ever see a Cast Member with a pin of Sleeping Beauty's castle on their name badge, they're SPECIAL! And she truly does have the Disney spirit. She has many *wonderful* stories about the joys of working at Disneyland, and how she honestly never tires of it!

Last but by no means least, was Steven (The Surge!) Soria, who is listed last only because we met him last, and unfortunately only briefly. He was hard at work as a lead on Main Street, working at the Cone Shop when we tracked him down. We dragged him out just long enough to get him in one of our group photos, then he diligently went back to work, but with a Disney smile on his face! We're hoping that another time he'll be able to join us for much longer!

I hope I didn't leave anyone out, and my apologies if I did. Meeting each other was **terrific**, but trying to get the names straight was tough at first, since we're used to email addresses and clever sigs, instead of actual FACES!

(For any lurkers who may be out there but hesitant to join us-- DON'T HESITATE! The group of us had a GREAT time, and it didn't matter if you were a complete lurker, or as famous as Roberta or The Surge! We're all equal in the eyes of Uncle Walt, so come on out and JOIN US next time!)

After talking in front of Small World for about an hour, then talking in the nearby shade for probably another 30-45 minutes, we decided to EAT. While we were in the shade, though, Roberta pointed out a man walking by and said, "See that man-- he's the president of Disneyland." I think Roberta was almost ready to hold me back, as I was ready to run after him and, I don't know-- bow at his feet, maybe! I mean, I've grown up in southern California, and couldn't even BEGIN to count how many times I've visited Disneyland, but I've been going since around 1963. But here, in the space of about 2 hours, I'm hob-nobbing with

members, the president of Disneyland walks by-- WHAT A DAY! But even if all these people had had other jobs and weren't cast members with really cool jobs, the day would still have been one of the BEST times I've had there. We all just had SO MUCH FUN! If you think rec.arts.disney is fun-- just wait till you get together with a group of r.a.d'ers! EVERYONE has the Disney spirit, loves Disney (whether blatantly or slightly cynically-- the love is still there!), and loves talking about Disney!

So to anyone who couldn't join us, I **heartily** encourage you to join us another time, or for those of you closer to Walt Disney World, plan a r.a.d-together there! I feel like I can almost guarantee that you'll have a GREAT time!

Back to the day:

We all made it over to The Blue Bayou, although Greg Loe and Steve Z. had to leave us early. The remaining 8 of us had a wonderful, leisurely lunch, a few of us, myself included, were introduced to the wonders of Monte Cristo sandwiches, and we TALKED AND TALKED AND TALKED! We all seemed to have so much to share, and it was INCREDIBLE to hear everyone's different stories, experiences, etc. As we were finishing lunch, the soothing jazz trio started playing on the balcony overlooking the restaurant, and we were all having just a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL time!

After lunch, we went over and tracked down Steve (The Surge!), so that we could FINALLY meet this man with all of this wonderful Disney knowledge and ENTHUSIASM. Even though he couldn't stay and chat, we now have a face and smile to go with those wonderful posts, and hopefully he'll join us sometime in the future.

Over lunch, Roberta pointed out that since many of us have annual passes (a deal you can hardly refuse if you live nearby!), we could do these get-togethers on a semi-regular basis, and we agreed heartily to that! A suggestion of every 6 weeks to 2 months was made, and also anytime anyone's going to be in the area and wants to meet some of us who have the good fortune to *live* in the area, we can meet then also!

After The Surge! went back to his duties, many of us, sadly, had to leave. Roberta had to work, Teri and Todd said their goodbyes also, Doug left, also, and after a little bit of shopping in the Villains store, I had to leave, too. If I hadn't had house guests, I would have stayed to close the place!, along with John(Indigo) and Roxane, but, well, NEXT TIME! Greg (Tigger) went to visit his friend Rod, the piano player EXTRAORDINAIRE who has entertained so many of us at his piano at Coke Corner for so many years, (and who, Greg and I agreed, should ABSOLUTELY get a "window on Main Street" if he retires some day!, although he never seems to *age*-- what do he and Dick Clark know that WE don't know???).

Roxane and John(Indigo) were able to stay, and apparently did us all proud, riding most of the "mountain range" of roller coaster rides (along with Marie Osmond, who must certainly have been following them around). They, too, visited Rod for a bit, and eventually watched the Main Street Electrical Parade before calling it a day.

AND WHAT A DAY IT WAS! Speaking for myself, it was one of the most enjoyable days I've spent at the Park, because I was with a group of **wonderful** people who love Disney as much as I do! (My family still finds it hard to believe that there REALLY are other people who love it as much as I do!). There was NEVER a shortage of happy conversation, and we really became friends that day, in just a few hours. Several of us have gotten together since then, (Doug, Roxane and I, along with some friends and relatives, all saw "The Lion King" together on Friday, June 17, at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood, AND cheered when Teri and Todd's names went by!, and I know some other groups saw it together, also).

Teri, Roxane and I plan to get together again soon, and Roxane and I are staking out a Fantasmic! viewing spot on July 4, and others are WELCOME to join us! (Roxane has posted this to rec.arts.disney, so check there for details). And most of us are planning to meet again on July 10 at noon at the Goofy statuette by the Partners statue! And the WONDERFUL THING (well, ONE of the wonderful things) about this is that most of us had never met before June 5! But we all had such a TERRIFIC time, that we can hardly wait to get together again!

It was a GREAT day (or did I mention that already?), and if anyone can ever make it to another one of these, PLEASE COME! You'll meet NICE people, (I *know*-- I've met 'em!), and *we'll* meet MORE nice people, and we can all share our mutual love of things DISNEY!

                         Our Next Get-Together...

This will be, (in case any of you have missed the posts about it on rec.arts.disney), on July 10th, around noon, and we will meet in the hub, (or the round, virtual center of the Park), at the Goofy statuette right by the gorgeous Partners statue of Walt and Mickey. ALL rec.arts.disney'ers are welcome, whether you lurk or post or just LOVE DISNEY! I imagine that spouses/mates/significant others/friends would also be WELCOME!

Thanks for the great idea, Christina! Hope you can be there next time!

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